Team Darkhorse strives to be “Ever Faithful"  to our country’s  Marines whose own motto is Semper Fidelis.  We never forget that day in, day out, year in year out and so long as our country exists, United States Marines stand by to faithfully serve and protect.


We cannot do what we do without all of you, our community who love and care.  When you donate to Team Darkhorse, your donation will be used in one of 3 ways in which we show our “Ever Faithful" spirit.

Sports Equipment Drive

Gratitude for the Combat Veterans

We maintain a line item in our budget to step in when we hear of a way we can show our gratitude for their service. We think of them as our adopted sons, and as such, when we witness them experiencing a life event, advancement or set back, we try to acknowledge these events with support when we can.

Michael Spivey 2022USA Paralympic Snowboard Team

Team Darkhorse Mission: To Provide Encouragement, Relief and Comfort to the Marines/Sailors and their families of the United States Marine Corp 3rd Battalion 5th Marines

Current Marines – Deployed and In Garrison

​When the Darkhorse Battalion is deployed on foreign lands, at sea or on training missions within the United States, Team Darkhorse renders support.

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